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Air Purifier -Panasonic-F-VXH50MWA

Product Code: F-VXH50MWA

2,069 SAR

2299 SAR    Save 230 SAR

Less Price ما هى السلع المخفضة؟

1,870 SAR

- Applicable area (40 m2).

-Nanoe purification and deodorization.

-Humidifying function.

-Composite filter which inhibits virus, bacteria, pollen, mold.

-ECONAVI technology for energy saving.

- 3D circulation airflow.

-Mega catcher.


Filter lifetime:

- Composite filter (10 years) dry cleaning.

- Deodorizing filter (10 years) dry cleaning.

- Humidifying filter (10 years) washable.


-Filter life check.

-Humidity, odor, dust, light sensors.

-Auto & sleep mode.

-Humidity indicator.

- Clean indicator.

- 3 speeds selection.

-Child lock.

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  • 2021-06-14

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