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Hair dryer - Panasonic - EH-NA65-K665

Product Code: EH-NA65-K665

400 SAR

459 SAR    Save 60 SAR

  • Hair Dryer
  • 2000 Wattage
  • Nanoe
  • 4 Temperature Selections
  • 3 Speed Selections
  • Cool Shot
  • Diffuser
  • Quick Dry Nozzle
  • Black and Pink Color
  • Made In Thailand
  • Warranty 2 Years


Healthy, flawless, shiny hair with nanoe™

This nanoe™ hair dryer provides moisture, enhances smoothness, and boosts shine to your hair. It also reduces damage from brushing. Comes with diffuser for curly hair and quick-dry nozzle.

Nanoe™ for beautiful hair and healthy scalp

Panasonic's nanoe™ technology takes moisture from the air to create tiny, moisture-rich particles, which penetrate hair and tighten cuticles for gloss and silkiness.

Extra moisture helps protect against damage from everyday brushing*¹ and enhances the smoothness*² and shine*³ of hair.

*1 Bundled hair brushing test by Intertek

*2 Consumer study by Intertek

*3 Tested at ProDerm, Germany 2017

nanoe™ reduces damage from brushing

Daily brushing causes damage to hair. nanoe™ particles are small enough to deeply penetrate hair and tighten cuticles to make hair resilient to friction damage.

*The magnified pictures show the surface of hair after 1000 brushes.

Quick-dry nozzle dries hair fast

The nozzle simultaneously emits a strong and weak airflow to separate strands and improve drying speed.

Diffuser for drying wavy hair

The diffuser evenly distributes air over the hair roots to dry wavy and curly hair. Delight in the soft finish accentuating curls

nanoe™ provides scalp care

nanoe™ moisturizes scalp to keep it healthy, preventing the dryness that causes damage to hair.

nanoe™ also make it easier for water to mix with sebum for better removal when washing


Removable filter

Remove and easily clean the intake filter, which has a tendency to get dusty.



Cool-shot button

Keep and maintain any hairstyle for a long duration.


3-speed/ 4-temperature selection

Select the speed and temperature suitable to the condition of the hair and styling needs.


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