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Steam Iron - Panasonic - 2320W - NI-E510TDTH

Product Code: NI-E510TDTH

170 SAR

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160 SAR

Ironing has become no easier with Panasonic caustic, due to the heavy steam performance to make the clothes soft and elegant


Design and shape:

Caustic steam: Horizontal.

Carrying clothes: No.

Ceramic base: No.

Titanium base: Yes.


Main Features:

Power (watts): 2320 W.

Water tank capacity (liters): 0.20 L.

Distillation blocker: Yes.

Vertical steam: Yes.

Heat control: Yes.

Heat light indicator: No.

Power cord length (meters): -.

Water spray: Yes.



Caustic dimensions (height, width, depth): 330, 380, 310 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg 



You should carefully read the instruction manual on how to use the product.


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  • 2021-03-05

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