To Guarantee the best satisfaction for our customer find here our return/replacing policy from M. O. Alesayi Electronics:
The customer can return or replace the purchased device in case of:
- the customer is not willing to keep the product.
- the device is not working upon delivery.
In easier implementation for the policy, customer must keep the packing materials for one week maximum and keep the purchase invoice from M. O. Alesayi electronics.
The customer can registered in and perform purchase from the web site, where all details of purchasing are kept and registered in case of Online purchasing only. 

Terms and Conditions for Return Or replace:

- Customer is not willing to keep the product:
The customer have the right to return the goods in case not willing to keep the products within 3 Days from receiving the goods. In condition the carton is not opened and device not used at all. This policy is not applicable if the carton is opened and other materials used to repack the carton rather than the original one. 
Personal products and personal care products (Example: Hair dryer, hair styling devices, epilator, Trimmer, and similar devices), are excluded from this policy and no return is acceptable by any cases.
Purchase invoice copy must be attached.
The customer will be charged from all return cost.
The company will pay back the amount of the Item price, and not any other cost of shipping and collecting money base on purchase delivery method.

- The device is not working upon delivery:
The customer must test the unit within one week from delivery. Packing materials should be kept for one week at maximum with customer, and in case the device is not functioning or fails to work within 7 days the customer must repack the unit to its original packaging and call customer service to return or replace the device.
Packaging should be complete and have no damage and all accessories attached as original.
The device will be checked by M. O. Alesayi Electronics service center, and in case the damage of device caused by customer misuse (Like using 220V for device made for 110V, LED TV used outdoor with high humid atmosphere). In such cases proven by Service Center, the device is not applicable for return or replace and all fees of transportation and service will be charged to customer. Customer should read carefully the operation manual and the condition of operation and follow all detail to operate the unit.
As per the report of service center the company may return or replace the unit for customer.
In case of replacement, the alternative device will be same exactly as replaced device in terms of shape, specification, color and country of origin.
M.O. Alesayi Electronics, have the right to give other alternative device as best matching to replaced device in case exact unit is not available. 

The Above Policy is not applicable in case one of the following cases found in the damage unit:
1– Burning or damage caused by chemical materials.
2– The device is bend in body, or any of accessories was broken, bend or misuse by customer.
3– dismantling or trying to repair the unit out of M.O. Alesayi electronics service center.
4– Using the unit in purpose other than those are made for (Like industrial use).
5– All consumables and accessories are excluded from this policy.

1- TAX rules in Saudi Arabia will be implemented for all transaction.
2-  Refunds are made through payment via credit cards from 7 to 14 working days, in case the request is returned. 
3- If the customer does not want the product during the return period, shipping fees will be deducted from the order value.
4- You may contact us by:
5 - In case the client requests cancellation in return period, should be the same of customer details in orders . 

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